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User Interface

User Interface

Granado Espada has an excellent graphical user interface or GUI. Every icon is displayed where you can see them and a small mouseover effect will appear to explain what the icon is about.

The default game screen is this:

game screen

You can select which window you would like to remain open by opening the Options menu

Character Area

On the bottom part of the screen, you will see the current line-up of your team. Each character can be selected by pressing F1, F2 and F3. Each key represents your characters (from left to right, i.e. F1 selects the leftmost character) and the selected character is called the leader. This is important because some quests require you to use a particular character as the leader of your team.

character screen

You can also choose whether to select all of your characters or select an individual. You can do this by pressing F9 to toggle the switch between Select All and Individual Select. You can also click the Select icon on the Combat Order toolbar.



Just above the character area is your Combat Order toolbar. This menu contains commands which you can use during training.

 Team Summon – Click this icon or press F4 to call the members of your team.

 Team Select – Click this icon or press F9 to toggle between Select All or Individual Select

 Assault – Click this icon or press Ctrl + Left click to toggle Assault Mode. All enemies encountered along the way shall be attacked.

 Harvest – Click this icon or press Ctrl + Shift + Left click to toggle Harvest mode. All items that belong to your family or has no owner shall be picked up automatically.

 Hold – Click this or press Ctrl + H to toggle Hold command. This command will put your characters on Hold position. All approaching enemies shall be attacked automatically but your charactes will remain on their position.

 Keep – Click this or press Spacebar to command your characters to Keep their position. All enemies shall be attacked automatically but your characters will chase enemies then retrun to their position afterwards.

At the top of your screen is the Toolbar Menu. This menu contains some of the commonly used commands in the game. You can close this toolbar anytime you want by selecting it in the Options Window.



 Inventory – Click this icon or press Alt + E to bring up the inventory window. Inventory window contains your Equipment, Consumables, Miscellaneous and Quest items.

 Charged Inventory – Click this icon or press Ctrl + F to bring up the Charged Inventory window.

 Quest – Click this icon or press Alt + A to bring up the Quest window. The Quest window lists of the current quests you have (incomplete quests only).

 Family – Click this icon or press Alt + R to bring up Family Info window. This window will show you your current Family level which is different from your Character's level.

 Stance – Click this icon or press Alt + S to bring up the Stance window of the selected character.

 Friend – Click this icon or press Alt +  B to bring up your Friends list. You can add friends using this menu and also allows you to send private messages to a specific family. You can also use “<familyname> <space> <message> in the chat window to send private messages.

 Zone Map – Click this icon or press Alt + Z to bring up the current area map.

 World Map – Click this icon or press Alt + W to bring up the World Map.

 Warp – Click this icon or press Ctrl + R to bring up the Warp list window. You can use the warp command to open a portal to your saved locations. Buy warp scrolls from Leonardo Expresso npc to use this feature.

 Help – Click this icon or press Alt + H to open the Help window.


Option Menu


Pressing Alt + O will bring up the Options menu. With this you can customize your gaming experience.  The Option menu will display Graphic Options, which will affect game client performance. Basically, the rule of thumb when it comes to graphics is the higher the graphics resolution or effect, the slower the performance. You can also ajust other settings in the Options window like the Sounds, Screenshot and UI  options. Don't be afraid to play around with the options!


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